Green Gloople
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First Appearance Amorphous +

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Reverse mitosis

The Green Gloople, otherwise known as just "The Gloople," is by far the most common and simplist kind of gloople. Glooples are composed of a thick, celluloid membrane which contains a highly complex gelatinous mass of enzymes, proteins, synaptic fibers, and numerous other fluid components. Glooples are hydraulic and rely on internal pressurization to maintain living functions, although unlike most organisms they are alcohol rather than water-based.

The Green Gloople is the worker of sorts and is normally found absorbing either small bits of food or burrowing out the chambers and tunnels of their nest. The normal gloople has very little intelligence, able to follow only the simplest instructions from the nest. They are a very little threat, and posess no means of inflicting harm on a human for their membranes can only absorb small objects.

As very simple yet massive organisms, Glooples are capable of a kind of reverse mitosis-combining by mutual absorption to create a larger and more complex organism.

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