• Negative Four


    September 27, 2013 by Negative Four

    This wiki has gone through a rather odd period lately. We've had unrest, demotions, ineffective leaders, and trolls. Lots and lots of trolls. However, we are a community, contrary to what some may think, and the community has a right to choose its own leaders. 

    Although he was hailed as a hero (somewhat) after Tesla was removed from power, Scrawland is anything but a hero. He rules with no empathy, and many have found him to be too harsh

    There is no such thing. Scraw has been terribly nasty to many users, prompting them to make the dreaded leaving blogs, or hold a grudge against the wiki. He has used racial slurs, homophobic remarks, and called a user's behavior "not human". No one in the position of administrator should treat users poorly o…

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