Administrators, Also Known As "admins" or "sysops," are trusted members of the community. They have a few extra abilities such as protecting pages and blocking users. Administrators who abuse their power will be demoted. To become an administrator you must have done the following actions:

  • Have been active for at least 1 month
  • Have at least 250 edits on articles (Earn the Hero badge)
  • Have helped working against trolls, vandals, etc.
  • Have been a rollback user for at least a month
  • Have not been blocked

The highest number of Administrators possible on this wiki is 7, meaning that there are 7 spots open. Administrators must follow these guidelines. (Note: You can request to become an administrator here)

Current AdministratorsEdit

  1. Shadow Star

Former AdminstratorsEdit

  1. DisneyCartoonKing557

Administrator statusEdit

Shadow Star
Message · contributions
The first and longest serving administrator, Shadow Star is the founder of this wiki. Time has changed this guy a lot, and this wiki is merely part of his ever expanding imagination. Inactive

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